Greenify MOD APK – No Donation package needed – FREE DOWNLOAD


This is just a donation package which activates some experimental features in the Greenify app. These features can be enabled in settings of Greenify.
=== Disclaimer ===
Some of these experimental features are still in early stage. They may not work on all devices & ROMs. They are included only for advanced users with sufficient
knowledge about what they really mean and how to correctly use them. These features may cause malfunction or crash in apps. In rarely extreme case, you might need to
factory reset your device to recover. I will try my best to avoid those situations, but take no responsibility for the possible consequences.It is safe to purchase and install, since nothing is affected until any of the experimental features is enabled explicitly.
=== Experimental Features ===
◆ Allow (most) system apps to be greenified in GreenifyBeware, most system apps are critical to the basic functionality of your device, once greenified, you may lose some part of usability. If something bad happens,
degreenify the system apps you recently greenified and reboot, or deactivate this experimental features of Greenify and reboot.
◆ Boost mode (requires Xposed)
Android framework is patched to allow Greenify to perform hibernation and other operations without the slow root routine. Besides, Boost mode also improves compatibility
of many features in Greenify.
◆ Allow GCM push message to wake hibernated apps (requires Xposed)
Google service framework is patched to allow the GCM (Google Cloud Message, a.k.a. C2DM) broadcast to wake the hibernated apps, thus you can greenify some apps without
losing the ability to receive push message.
Attention: Not all apps use GCM as push mechanism, some apps create their own connection for push in background service, thus can’t benefit from this patch and their push
messages can never survive hibernation. Please DO NOT ask for that, it’s just a “mission impossible” in practice. Instead, ask their developer to adopt the more
RAM-and-battery-friendly GCM push.
◆ Reveal hidden sync tasks (requires Xposed)
Some apps may contain hidden sync tasks which runs periodically, but cannot be disabled by user in system Settings – Account – Sync. This feature reveals those hidden sync
tasks and let you to disable them.

Greenify MOD APK

Never should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. With Greenify, your device can run almost as smoothly and lastingly as it did the first day you had it!

Greenify help you identify and put the misbehaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your device and leeching the battery, in an unique way! They can do nothing without explicit launch by you or other apps, while still preserving full functionality when running in foreground, similar to iOS apps!

Please report bugs in the XDA forum ( or G+ community (

NEW: Non-root working mode is now supported in 2.0+, but still in early stage. It currently lacks auto-hibernation due to privilege restriction. Try “Hibernate All” shortcut (widget) for convenience. On Android 4.1+, an accessibility service can be activated to automate this manual procedure, thus eliminate all the clicks.

Greenify NEVER EVER collects your personal data despite the capability of accessibility service, it just takes advantage of it to automate things.

IMPORTANT: Greenifying an app implies that you are aware that all the background functionality (service, periodic task, event receiver, alarm, widget update, push message) of this app will become out of service during the hibernation except when you are using this app.

NEVER greenify alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps unless you don’t rely on them. Please do verify the impact of greenified apps on which you heavily rely.

Compared to other popular tools aimed for the similar purpose, Greenify offers the following advantages:

◆ Unlike the “Freeze” feature in “TitaniumBackup Pro” that totally disable the app, you can still use your app as usual, share content with it. No need to freeze & defrozen it.

◆ Unlike “Autostarts”, you can benefit from almost all of its advantages, without needing to deal with the complexity and risk of obscure app components, and never lose functionality when app is actively running.

◆ Unlike any “XXX Task Killer”, your device will never fall into the cat-mouse-game of stealthy-running and aggressive killing, which unnecessarily consumes more battery juice.

Note: Greenify do need a background persistent “Cleaner” service to put the greenified apps back into hibernation when you are not actively using them. It is designed and implemented in extremely lightweight, with an average RAM footprint at 3M in total, and nearly zero CPU and battery consumption.


INTERNET: Needed by “Raise Your Voice” program to send back only small amount of anonymous statistics data, without privacy information. You can opt-out at any time.
DRAW OVER OTHER APP: To show guide layer over the app setting UI of system in non-root mode.
READ SENSITIVE LOG: To analysis the wake up cause of greenified apps.
GET ACCOUNTS & WRITE SYNC SETTINGS: Control the account sync of apps if its sync task is too frequent.

=== FAQ ===

* Why not support Android 2.x?
* It seems that automatic hibernation is not working.
* Some of my greenified apps (e.g. Google Maps) seems not hibernating.
* I want to greenify system apps!
* De-greenified apps still got no push notification!

App analyzer is improved with foreground service detection and other minor tweaks.
App state accuracy is improved for apps installed in multiple users.
Wake-up tracker and cut-off is now supported for apps in Island. (experimental)
Never touch work profile in Quiet Mode when hibernating apps.

Camera for Android 3.9 for Android

The description of Camera
Camera for Android will allow you to make excellent pictures,that is a very fast and simple way to capture moments.
You can easily to shoot excellent photos, utilizing all advantage of your phone or tablet.

  • Camera, video recorder & panorama features
  • White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight,Cloudy)
  • Screen mode settings(Action, Night, Sunset, Play)
  • Dynamic user interface (phone/tablet)
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Smart panorama shooting
  • Wide screen pictures
  • Picture quality setting
  • Exposure
  • Location targeting
  • Configurable volume keys
  • Countdown Timer

Open Camera is a fully featured and completely free Camera app for Android phones and tablets. Features:

  • Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly level no matter what (see example image).
  • Expose your camera’s functionality: support for focus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation/lock, face detection, torch, antibanding.
  • Video recording (including HD, taking photos while recording video, time lapse).
  • Handy remote controls: timer (with optional voice countdown), auto-repeat mode (with configurable delay).
  • Option to take photo remotely by making a noise (e.g., voice, whistle), or by voice command “cheese”.
  • Configurable volume keys.
  • Configurable user interface.
  • Zoom via multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.
  • Option to lock orientation to portrait or landscape for photo or video. Upside-down preview option for use with attachable lenses.
  • Choice of save folder (including support for Storage Access Framework).
  • Disable shutter sound.
  • Overlay a choice of grids and crop guides.
  • Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) of photos and videos; for photos this includes compass direction (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef).
  • Apply date and timestamp, location coordinates, and custom text to photos; store date/time and location as video subtitles (.SRT).
  • Yes you can take a selfie (also known as front camera), includes support for “screen flash”.
  • Support for (some) external microphones.
  • Widget to automatically take a photo after launching.
  • Support for HDR (with auto-alignment and ghost removal) and Exposure Bracketing.
  • Support for Camera2 API: manual focus distance (with optional focus assist); manual ISO; manual exposure time; manual white balance temperature; burst mode; RAW (DNG) files; slow motion video.
  • Noise reduction (including low light night mode) and Dynamic range optimisation modes for better quality photos.
  • Focus bracketing mode.
  • Support for Mi Band 2 & Amazfit Selfie.
  • Small file size.
  • Completely free, and no ads in the app (I only run ads on the website). Open Source.

(Some features may not be available on all devices, as they may depend on hardware or camera features, the Android version, etc.)

This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we grabbed one from version

Never miss a moment with Google Camera, and take fantastic pictures using features such as Portrait and Night Sight.

• HDR+ – Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
• Night Sight – You’ll never want to use your flash again. Night Sight brings out all the best details and colors that get lost in the dark.
• Super Res Zoom – Super Res Zoom keeps your pictures sharp when you zoom in—without the blur.
• Top Shot – Pick the perfect moment with Top Shot. Automatically recommends the best pics, where no one is blinking and everything looks just right.
• Portrait – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to pictures. Google Photos can also make the subject of your photo pop by leaving them in color, while changing the background to black and white.
• Google Lens Suggestions – Just point your camera at contact info, URLs, and barcodes, and it’ll automatically suggest things to do like calling the number, or sending an email.
• Playground – Have fun mixing the real world with the virtual through AR stickers and effects!

Requirements – The latest version of Google Camera only works on Pixel phones on Android 9.0.0 and above. Some features are not available on all devices.

• Camera: Required in order to capture pictures and videos.
• Microphone: Required in order to record audio with every video.
• Storage: Required in order to save picture and videos.
• Location: Required if you would like to record location information with your pictures and videos.

GTA Vice City For Android (Normal Apk + MOD APK + OBB Data)

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – the famous computer game is now released and the android in which everyone played! Thanks to the Rockstar studio this game appeared on your android device. Welcome to the 80s.
A huge free world in which you are free to do whatever you want, you can just wander around the city admiring the beautiful views, or you can go through missions.
In honor of the decade of the game, Rockstar releases GTA Vice City game free for Android with HD resolution support

Features of GTA Vice City APK:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • A fascinating gameplay
  • Customizable management
  • Support for wireless joysticks and some USB gamepads
  • Customizable graphics for different platforms

How to install Grand Theft Auto: Vice City APK?

Cache for GTA: Vice City game folder from the archive to unpack in /sdcard/Android/obb/

Description of Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity

Explore a huge open-world of crime and mayhem in Grand Theft Auto: ViceCity!

GTA is one of the most popular games in the world and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City takes you back to the 80s in one of the richest open world games ever made.

You are Tommy Vercetti, the city is booming and you are about to conquer it. From the beaches and the rich areas to the ghettos, you’ll never see as many different places in one single game.

The freedom of the open-world is masterfully combined with the narrative around your character. Live a tale of revenge, power and become the boss of the city, by any means necessary. Sink your teeth into this massive campaign.

Live the authentic 80s experience. Crazy hairstyles, flashy clothes and the banging pop songs are in vogue. The graphics, characters models and lighting effects are updated to give you the most beautiful rendition of the 80s. And the graphics are all adjustable according to your needs and specs.

The controls are better than ever. You can customize the layout as you see fit and there are precise firing and targeting options to give you more control over the way you play the game. You can also play with the MoGa Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a huge sprawling open-world game, with tons of side activities to complete. Take it on the go and become a crime boss!

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is one of the most popular and widely played game of all time around the world. When it comes to video games, GTA is what most of the people prefer playing. In 2002, Rockstar Games launched the first edition of this action-adventure game named Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. At first it was launched only for Playstation, but as it got popularity, they developed and launched it for other platforms as well. Till date, more than 17.5 million copies of GTA Vice City have been sold so far making it one of the most popular video game of all time. If you haven’t played this game yet, then you should definitely download it today and start playing it. If you like action and open world games, then you will definitely like Vice City as it is an action-adventure third-person shooter video game.

As we said earlier that this is one of the most popular game out there which makes it more demanding. Presently Vice City game is available on all major platforms like Playstation, Windows, Xbox, OS X, iOS and Android. In this game the main aim is to pass all of the give missions with set objectives as a story. Apart from missions you can also roam around the city and use things available in the game. There are many kind of weapons available in this game too, which makes it somewhat violent. As the technology is improving, more and more people have started using mobile phones as their primary gadget. There is a downfall in use of video gaming consoles and PC for playing games all over the world. Recently, we have also shared GTA San Andreas Apk & Data files.

Contents [show]

Download GTA Vice City Normal + Mod Apk + OBB

Download GTA Vice City Apk (Official)

Download GTA Vice City Apk (Official)

Download GTA Vice City Mod Zip File

   GTA Vice City MOD Zip

Download GTA Vice City OBB File

   GTA Vice City MOD OBB File

OBB File Mirror (Google Drive)

Just because of this many people have started searching for GTA Vice City for mobile download. You can find it on your respective app store, but there is one more thing people are searching for and it is Grand Theft Auto Vice City MOD APK. Android is one of the most used mobile OS around the world, so there are millions of people who are searching for it. If you are among them, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this post we are going to share GTA Vice City MOD APK unlimited health which you can also download from this page. Moreover you can also find links to download GTA Vice City Normal APK + data file right on this page. So, let’s get started.

Features of GTA Vice City Game:

  • GTA Vice City has really cool graphics, character models and lighting effects.
  • This game is also compatible with MoGa Wireless Game Controller and many other USB game pads as well.
  • Vice City full game APK is available in many languages so it doesn’t matter where you are from, you can always play this game.
  • You can also customize the graphics and other settings of the game so it can run smoothly on the device you are using.
  • Interesting missions and tasks to keep the players engaged in the game.
  • The latest GTA Vice City APK have new and updated map which have new areas and vehicles.
  • Grand Theft Auto Android MOD have tailored firing and targeting options too.

MP3 Tag Editor: Edit Music Tags, Cover Art Changer apk

  • About this app MP3 Tag Editor: Edit Music Tags, Cover Art Changer content rating is Everyone. This app is listed in Music & Audio category of app store . You could visit epsilon ventures’s website to know more about the company/developer who developed this. MP3 Tag Editor: Edit Music Tags, Cover Art Changer can be downloaded and installed on android devices supporting 21 api and above.. Download the app using your favorite browser and click on install to install the app. Please note that we provide original and pure apk file and provide faster download speed than MP3 Tag Editor: Edit Music Tags, Cover Art Changer apk mirrors. Versions of this app apk available with us: , 3.9.5 , 3.9.4 , 3.9.3 , 3.9.2 , 3.9 , 3.5 , 3.1.7 , 3.1.4 , 3.0 , 2.9.3 , 2.7 , 2.6 , 2.5 , 1.9 , 1.8 , 1.6 . You could also download apk of MP3 Tag Editor: Edit Music Tags, Cover Art Changer and run it using popular android emulators. App Permissions MP3 Tag Editor: Edit Music Tags, Cover Art Changer 3.9.8 apk requires following permissions on your android device.
    • read from external storage.
    • write to external storage.
    • access information about networks.
    • open network sockets.
    • prevent processor from sleeping or screen from dimming.

The description of Mp3 Tag Editor

MP3 Tag Editor allows you to edit tag on your mp3 file.
*Supported standard id3 tags
*Music Title, Artist, Album ,Album Cover picture, Genre, Year, Comment, Track, Total Track
*Support mp3

MP3 Tag Editor: Edit Music Tags, Cover Art Changer apk

If you use android 4.4, this app can’t edit tags on file in sdcard, you must move your music file to your internal storage.
Some phone have a problem with corrupt ID3 tags.

MP3 Tag Editor is a beautifully designed application that allows you to edit the MP3 tags of all your favorite songs. In addition, this application also lets you change the Cover Art (or Album Art) of your top songs.

Using MP3 Tag Editor is a simple & efficient process. Simply press open, and scroll through the list of music sorted by song title until you find the song. Once you open the MP3, you can begin to edit tags. When you’re done, press save & the song’s metadata is saved.

This application also supports editing songs stored on an SD card!
In addition you can also add music lyrics to your favorite songs!

MP3 Tag Editor can modify the following song info:
– Title
– Artist
– Album
– Year
– Composer
– Publisher
– Lyrics
– Album Art (Cover Art)

You are downloading the MP3 Tag Editor 1.0.5 apk file for Android: .

Please be aware that APK20 only share the original and free apk version for MP3 Tag Editor v1.0.5 without any modifications.

All the apps & games here are downloaded directly from play store and for home or personal use only. If MP3 Tag Editor apk download infringes your copyright, please contact us, We’ll delete it in a short time.

Download Knife Hit (MOD, Free Shopping) free on android

The ultimate knife challenge is here!

Throw the knives into the logs to break them. Slash the apples and unlock new knives. Each 5th stage is defended by a boss – beat them to get exclusive knives!

Be careful to not hit the knives or the spikes. Time your actions, target carefully and become the knife master!

Can you beat all the bosses?

World of KINGDOMS is officially open! Can you beat the almighty beast?

Knife Hit – an exciting game on android, where you will throw knives into a tree. This game will actually test your agility and accuracy, which you will need to throw knives into a rotating object. Throw knives so as to break a tree or an apple and beware of sharp spikes and do not get into other knives, otherwise the game will end for you. Every fifth stage of the game you will meet with strong bosses who will protect the object from destruction. Having won the boss, you will receive as a reward new exclusive knives. Time for the task you will be limited, so that as quickly as possible, throw knives and skillfully pass the levels.

Knife Hit is a relatively dangerous art and quite picky players. We often see on TV the men who launch their knives accurately on boards, apples or even a girl fixed on the wall. Does it look cool, right? However, it is not easy at all because it is difficult for you to throw a knife at the target, which is not dangerous at all. This game requires hard work, absolute precision and a bit of risk.

However, it will not be so dangerous when you can try your luck on the mobile phone. The publisher Ketchapp brought this art to the player through Knife Hit game. Ketchapp’s games have always been popular with gamers for its endless entertainment and addictive gameplay. And surely, Knife Hit is no exception. Let’s see what the game looks like.

Come to Knife Hit, you will learn how to become a dagger-master like the talented ninja. Your task in the game is simply hitting a knife. Yes, you need to throw knives on the boards that the game offers. It sounds simple, but the game offers many challenges that make it difficult for you to hit the target. The rotation will continuously turn left, right, fast, slow rotation to give you difficulties. If you accidentally knocked your knife into a previously mounted knife, the game will end immediately.

Knife Hit apk
Knife Hit possesses a play-through mode combined with endless play. There are enough knives required by the game that you can cross the screen. In addition, the apples on the play screen are the spoils that you can collect. Try to eat as many apples as possible by knocking on them to unlock items in the game. Each knife hit will count one point. Throw as much power as you can to create unbeaten records in Knife Hit. Win your friends on the honour page of the game. In addition, the completion of the task will bring about a series of noble badges in Knife Hit. Very interesting, right?

In addition, it is impossible to mention the special system in Knife Hit. After every 4 games, you will face a Boss. Your goal is not wood boards, but rather a variety of interesting things like a compass, a cake, or even a cheese plate. These special stages are much harder than the normal ones, requiring you to be very careful in every shot. However, winning these games will bring you a lot of points and apples.

Knife Hit apk 2
Use the number of apples you collect to unlock dozens of full-colour and cool-designs knives in the game. If you are a knife collector then surely Knife Hit arsenal will make you lovers. When playing Knife Hit, I feel extremely inhibited because unfortunately to lose. But that is the attraction of Knife Hit, make you want to play again and again.

Knife Hit apk 3
In terms of graphics, perhaps the game is not worth talking about because Ketchapp games usually focus on unique gameplay and fast-paced gameplay, attracting players. Developed in 2D graphics, the effects of Knife Hit are very smooth, giving players the feeling of throwing knives in real life. Especially when you break the board, looks very interesting.

This game supports both iOS and Android platforms, are you ready to download?


Knife Hit for Android
APK – v1.8.3
Knife Hit for Android
APK (MOD Free Shopping, Unlocked all knives, Remove ads) – v1.8.3
Note: Please select a link to download Knife Hit for free. You can choose the MOD (Free Shopping) version or the original APK.

Apk Inspector v3.2 No Root (Latest 2019) For Android

APKinspector is another open source project that comes to reverse and analyze Android applications.

Project owners have created a graphical interface to allow visualizing the structure of the application modules this will make security analysts select the good Android application that is safe to use.

APKinspector can be a good addition to the toolbox you use for forensics malware.

This will help to generate reports for permissions used by the application, Search and filter strings, classes and methods , rename users and more. APKInspector provides both analysis functions and graphic features for the users to gain deep insight into the malicious apps:

  • CFG
  • Call Graph
  • Static Instrumentation
  • Permission Analysis
  • Dalvik codes
  • Smali codes
  • Java codes
  • APK Information
  • Search and filter strings, classes and methods.
  • A configuration module to choose whatever modules you’d like to use.
  • Show a progress bar when opening and loading an apk.
  • Today’s article are about an application that cannot be found easily because there are tons of applications in market with the same name. But those are just trash and they are not real because most of those apps are developed to display only ads to earn few dollars. Furthermore, there is nothing in those apps what you are searching for. Actually I am talking about “Apk Inspector” that has been imitated by so many scammers. However, this is the original one that you probably searching for months and years so finally you journey ends here. I usually don’t post such apps which are useless because I understand that how much time and energy it consumes. That is why I download and install those apps before going to share with my readers on this website. So I have gone through various applications with same name and finally I got the actual APK Inspector Pro for you guys. Download For PC Download Apk This Inspector can be easily installed on Android smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. In the next paragraphs I am going to share all the necessary information that you are searching for about this incredible tool. So I request you to read this article deeply while you will get to know about its installation process, requirements and features. More about APK Inspector    Table of Contents
    • More about APK Inspector   
    • How to install or download Apk Inspector?
    • Basic Features
    • Basic Requirements
    • FAQs
    • Direct Download Link
    It is an analytical, inspecting and experimental tool for Android mobiles that allows its users to get insights of any Apk such as static information, CFG and other information of any Apk file. Apk is the name of Android package that can be easily inspect and test via this amazing tool about which we are talking. It is basically an open source application that is developed by Honey Net and it is absolutely free to download and use. This tool can work on Windows and Linux in order to get the static information, Java, Dalyik and smali codes. Furthermore, this incredible tool allows you to choose the best and safest applications or games. Because it provides an opportunity to identify the vulnerabilities in any kind of APK file very easily. NameApk InspectorVersionv3.2Size27.29 MBDeveloperhoneynetPriceFreeRequired Android4.1 and Up Apart from inspection you can modify the Apps while generating a report of App’s permissions and other important information needed for modification of any application. You can get access to the progress report of any app while launching or executing the tool from your devices.      This Inspector tool gives you a deep inspection of app’s graphic features apart from the analysis. That allows you to know that how that app works and gives you the insights of malicious apps. If you are going to get the latest version of the Inspector Pro then you can get these upgraded features in the new version which are following.
    • Initially installation process was manual where you were supposed to unzip files manually but now when you tap the same Zip file it automatically unzip the data for you.
    • UI of the Apk has been improved as compare to the old version.
    • Another feature has been added that gives you the call graph.
    • It gives you the navigation.
    • In the Latest Apk Inspector you can reverse the code DED for the Java Analysis.
    • It gives you an opportunity to combine permission for analysis.
    So now with these incredible feature you can android apps as well as games to check out for malicious Apks. How to install or download Apk Inspector? Process of installation has been made automatic so you don’t need to get into any complex procedure.  However, I will share the instructions for the downloading and installing the Inspector on your phones.
    • First of all just go to the end of this page and tap/click on the download button.
    • Wait for few minutes as it will take some time to complete downloading process.
    • The file is not in APK format it is in ZIP file format.
    • So tap/click that Zip file then Extract the files to your desired folder (either you can install an Unzip Application or you can do it automatically by just taping the file).
    • Then you are now done with installation or you can file extracting process.
    • Now you can use it for inspection, analysis and testing Android apps and games.
    Basic Features There are a lot features we can discuss about this fantastic tool but it is not that much necessary. Therefore, I have listed down some of the basic features of it which you can see below.
    • It is freeware so you don’t need to pay anything neither for downloading nor for using.
    • You can analyse the App graphic features to check out whether it is malicious or not.
    • You can check out the Static Instrumentation.
    • Get the basic information of the app that how it has been coded and how you can add or modify some of its codes.
    • You can change the username from the app.
    • It allows you to test or check for vulnerabilities of any game and other kind of app.
    • There are much more you can do with this amazing tool but you can do that by installing it on your phones.

Hotstar Premium Free MOD APK Download [ Cracked Premium App ]

If your favorite football match is going on and you are stuck in traffic, or it’s time for the favorite TV serial but you have not reached the house yet, or maybe you have to watch some news but now your There is no TV in front, and if it happens that the film of your favorite actor or actress is playing and your TV is bad, what will you do? No need to worry now, hotstar premium mod apk free is an app that can free you from all these difficulties.

Hotstar Premium Cracked Apk Android

What it offers?

With Hotstar you can watch live TV shows, serials, sports and more on your phone. This app will show you most of the TV shows online and in many languages ​​you will get channels. This app can be easily downloaded and installed on your phone. And watch TV without your favorite shows.

Step 1: Open Play Store before your phone. Then go to the search option on the Play Store and search hot star.

Step 2: Click on where install is written, and wait till download.

Step 3: After installation, click on open option, this app will open on your mobile.

Step 4: Now click on allow option. Again, there will be another option of allow, click on it also.

Step 5: Now you have two options. If you want to continue with Facebook or you can also sign in using email – it’s up to you.

So let’s download and install the hotstar mod hack app on your phone from the below.

You may also download : Amazon Prime Video MOD APK Free Membership

Hotstar Premium Mod APK Features :
Unlimited Movie streams
Unlimited Live Sports
VIP Unlocked
Acess to all premium features
No Banner Ads, And Video Ads
View IMDb data
No Rooting Needed
No Jailbreak
Hotstar premium mod apk hack

Crack Specifications
Size : 72 MB
Version : Latest
Requires Android version :4.1 and up
iOS Version : All Devices
Hotstar Premium Crack MOD APK

How to Install?
Click on “Install Hotstar Premium Free Cracked MOD APK” button.
Install “Hotstar Premium Free Cracked MOD APK” It is completely online. So no chances of a virus.
Open the Installer, Agree to TOS and Install the complete MOD APK
Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy The Cracked Version.
Download Also : Deezer Premium Mod Apk

If you feel any problem in running Hotstar Premium Free Crack PRO APK, then feel free to comment down below.

Hotstar Premium APK Download: – So, are you looking for to download Premium Hotstar APK Free For Lifetime? We must say you are at the right post. Today in this tutorial, I am going to share how to get Hotstar Premium Free for Lifetime. I will also show you How you can use Hotstar Premium on Windows PC or computer. So, Now you can stream the latest TV serials, movies, shows, News LIVE sports on your Android device completely free. You don’t need to purchase the package of Premium Version. So, all you need to do is just follow this complete Guide on “tricks to get Free Hotstar premium Account”.

Hotstar Premium APK Download – Free Hotstar Premium Account For Lifetime

Before moving forward let me tell you something about Hotstar Premium Account. Hotstar is a live streaming application as well as the website, that allows you to watch or stream your favorite TV serial shows, reality shows, movies, sports, news in all different languages such as Bengali, Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam. Besides, Hotstar provides all sports live scores and the latest updates, completely free streaming of videos and video highlights easily.

How to Download Hotstar Videos on SD Card For Android Phone

Get Hotstar Premium APK Free For Lifetime
Below I have provided the Free direct download link to Hotstar Premium APK.

Click Here to Download

Just Download the Hotstar Premium APK and install it on your PC and Boom!!! start Using the Premium Version Free for Lifetime.

Steps to Install Hotstar Premium APK Free on Android Device
Download The Premium APK of Hotstar from the Given Above Link.
Next, Install it on your Android Device. At the Tiem of Installing this will ask you for permission to all Unknows Resource on your android device. Don’t Worry allow The App form the setting and install it.
Enjoy!! Your Premium Hotstar Account.
NOTE: I have tested this Premium Hotstar APK, and it is 1000% Working. If it does not work for you then don’t worry, I have also shared a method to get Hotstar Premium free on Windows as an alternative to Hotstar Premium APK.

If The Above Method Does Not Work For You just Download Premium Hotstar MOD APK 7.3.0 Version Just 1 Click

Features of Modded Hotstar APK Premium:-
Star channels
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English content not available
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The Game of Life 2.0.4 Apk + Data for android

The Game of Life is a Board Game for android
download last version of The Game of Life Apk for android from revdl with direct link


Attend college, accept a job and play minigames in this interactive app that is fun for the whole family. Watch as board piece characters come to life and make their way through the various stages of life on this spectacular, 3D animated reworking of the familiar physical board.


The Game of Life features a new, unique and much-anticipated multiplayer mode. Online matchmaking lets you play in a whole new way online. Match and play against other online players as you all spin and race in the direction of the last yellow tile of life’s road.

The Game of Life 2.0.4 Apk


• ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Match with other players and race to the final yellow square
• LOCAL PLAY – Play with up to three friends on one device
• FAST MODE – A new, shorter game mode where you will be faced with a different victory condition!
• MINIGAMES – Put your skills to the test and compete head-to-head in a variety of minigames
• CHAT – Send players expressive emoticons during online matches

THE GAME OF LIFE is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life

The Game of Life 2016 Edition APK Free Download Letest version for Android. Download full APK of The Game of Life 2016 Edition unlocked.

The Game of Life 2016 Edition Review

The Game of Life: 2016 Edition is a fabulous board game which is developed under the banner of Marmalade Game Studio. In this game you can play a lot of mini games, this app is attractive for all type of generation. You are going to experience the board piece characters and you have to lead them in every field of life. It include the multiplayer mode which enables you play with your friends, family friends and other players all across the world.

You can challenge players and become the finalist for the yellow square. This game also allows you to play in one device up to 3 friends which is really an incredible achievement for the developers. Numbers of mini games are waiting for you and there is the real test of your qualities so put your best to complete them successfully. It contains the online chat menu in which you can send emoticons to one another to realize each other feelings.

Features of The Game of Life 2016 Edition

Below are exciting features of Game which you’ll experience after The Game of Life 2016 Edition APK Free Download.

  • Fabulous board game.
  • Includes number of mini games.
  • Attractive for all generations.
  • Experience the board piece characters.
  • Multiplayers mode game.
  • Real test of your qualities.
  • Become the finalist for the yellow square.
  • Send emoticons to one another.

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Sweet Selfie – live photo, beauty cam, selfie edit

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😍New features in Sweet Selfie:
1. We have added animal stickers like cats and dogs, and other fashionable stickers like hairstyles, tattoos,wings,air camera.
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3. Makeup functions is now available, we choose some fashion makeup styles, and update them weekly.

😍How to take a good selfie?
1. A phone with the right camera App for selfie like Sweet Selfie Camra
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Candy Selfie is a photography app that lets you give your photos a completely new look. To do this, it provides an enormous number of tools, filters, and frames. And of course, it’s extremely easy to use. 

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In addition to all these basic tools, in Candy Selfie you can also find all sorts of stickers to add to your photos as well as different frames. In fact, you can even create collages with multiple pictures. 

Candy Selfie is an outstanding photo-editing app that offers both quality and quantity in terms of its features. Plus, it has a beautiful and user-friendly interface. Overall, a really interesting alternative to the better known photo-editing apps.

About this app

The Sweet Selfie app is a useful photo app that lets you click beautiful pictures on your phone, no matter where you are. The app has found millions of fans across the globe and has a rich collection of photo filters as well as quirky stickers meant especially for its users. The app has a strong presence in more than 50 countries worldwide and lets you take advantage of several photo features including collages, smart editing and auto-edit mode, a blurring option, a retro/vignette feature and more. Additionally, Sweet Selfie even includes a special makeup function for a little extra fun which is extremely easy to use. The Sweet Selfie app is extremely user-friendly with a  simple interface and works well for every type of selfie-taker.

Major features worth highlighting are:

  • Extremely simple, accessible and user-friendly app with lots of photo options for all users
  • Works for users at all levels and doesn’t require you to be a professional photographer
  • Has been downloaded millions of times – safe and secure to use
  • Special features include beautiful filters, fun stickers, collages and more
  • Lets you beautify a picture instantly and even has unique options such as teeth whitening
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